The Orr's Island Schoolhouse is a wonderful venue. The open floor plan allows flexibility for whatever type of event you are planning. The Schoolhouse works beautifully for buffets, plated meals or all-appetizer events. The full working kitchen is a caterer's dream.

-- Lori Kinkade, Belle Fete Catering

What a wonderful setting for my daughter's wedding reception! The pure elegance of the building gave her the freedom to make it feel intimately her own. It would work for so many kinds of gatherings.

-- Kitsy Beazley, local resident

The Orr's Island Schoolhouse was the perfect setting for my 50th birthday party, with plenty of room for 50+ guests, a live band, and a large dance area. The open space allowed for individual decorating to make our event special and memorable. The spacious kitchen accommodated the catering staff easily. I look forward to renting the Schoolhouse for other events.

-- Laurie Blain, local resident

Each year the Schoolhouse hosts a reunion for the people who attended school there. This description comes from Ruth Perry, still a Harpswell resident.

I'm not sure how to put into words what the reunions mean to me. I know that I have a lot of fun preparing for them. I look forward to seeing all the "students" again. Some show up each year, others only once in a while., still others not at all. I remember each and every one of them, some for fun reasons...some not so much.

My 92-year-old brother lives in California, and has for many years. The past two years he has been able to attend the reunion, which gave him a chance to see people he hasn't seen in many, many years as well as giving his daughter Dorothy a chance to meet some of the people she has heard stories about.

We have a potluck style gathering and this provides us with a new menu each year. Each year also promises new faces with new stories to share. Some of us remember the old wood stove with the big old pipe heating the room; others remember walking to school with our friends, and walking home again for lunch.

I really don't know how to put into words the nostalgia I feel when it comes time again for the reunion. I enjoy the preparations but I guess more than that I enjoy the reminiscing and camaraderie the most.

-- Ruth Perry, Eighth Grade Class of 1950